IEEE Code of Ethics Awareness Assessment

IEEE Code of Ethics Awareness Assessment – Get a chance to be Ethics Champion (by 4 Aug)


Dear Members of IEEE Region 10,


Hi. Hello. Hola. Hey.


Do you want to be recognised as an Ethics Champion of IEEE ?

This is a golden opportunity to be the Ethics Champion of IEEE Region10!


Do take up the IEEE Code of Ethics awareness assessment, organized by IEEE Region 10 Ethics Awareness and Advancement Committee (EAAC).

If you score 70% or more in this assessment, your knowledge and awareness about IEEE Code of Ethics will win yourself a recognition.


The target is stiff but we will help you achieve this target.

First, please go through the IEEE Code of Ethics and familiarize yourself with the contents by referring to the link below:-


Once you have studied and understood the IEEE Code of Ethics, you are ready to start your assessment and get a chance to be the “Ethics Champion” of IEEE Region10.


There is more you can do!

Can you encourage more of your IEEE colleagues/ members from your section to take up this assessment ? By doing so, your section could be recognised too.


Do not forget to fill in your details completely and accurately at the beginning of the survey.


For more information about IEEE Region 10 EAAC, please visit:

This EAAC program is applicable for IEEE Members in Region 10.


For Individual IEEE Members

  • All IEEE members in Region 10 who take up this survey and score 70% or more will win a “Ethics Champion” Soft-Pin
  • If you are in the first 5% of members in your section to score 70% or more, you would also be eligible for an Ethics Champion Physical pin in addition to the soft-pin


For Sections in IEEE Region 10

  • Any section which achieve 50% or more of their members to take up this assessment would be recognised with a Special Plaque
  • The top 5 sections with maximum number of members who have taken up this assessment will also be recognised with an Exclusive Plaque.


The final decision on all of the above resides with the IEEE Region 10 EAAC.


Link to the assessment and the QR Code is as below:


Submission Due Date: Before 4 August 2023

Result will be notified: By end of August 2023

Thank you

Dr Sudeendra Koushik

2023 R10 Ethics Awareness and Advancement Committee Chair



Author: Yutaro Ishigaki

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