Not for the Faint of Heart, A Session on Cognitive Robotics 2018 – Aurangabad

This one-day session was delivered by two very renowned European professors of robotics:

1. Dr. Jaan Penjam, Director, TTU, Estonia and
2. Prof. Juri Vain, TTU, Estonia.

The objective of this session was to impart knowledge about latest trends in Cognitive Robotics
technology & Model-Based Software Development by means of Visual Programming.
Dr. Jaan Penjam while discussing on d
evelopment by means of Visual and synthesis
Programming also 
mentioned about a new system CoCoViLa – Compiler Compiler for Visual

After his session, Prof Vain, mentioned about the use of robot in medical field, heterogeneous
swarm control architecture, autonomous farm vehicle, robot platform for national language
dislodge system & future trends like autonomous ships. He also demonstrated a couple of robots
to the students.

Session got overwhelming response. It was attended by not only in and around Auranagabd
students but also by professionals from Pune, Mumbai, Nashik, Nagpur and Hyderabad etc too.
It was a truly wonderful session. Good to Great to Awesome Presentations.

One of the professional attendee from Hyderabad, commented that they learned more in One
day than in all other speaker training

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