Workshop on Creating Awareness to the local fisherman on Mobile App usage for Better Fishing and Disaster Management 2017 – Chirala

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The project on creating awareness to the local fishermen on mobile app usage for better fishing and disaster management was successfully completed on 18-10-2017.

A seminar hall from a local hotel was taken for rent and local fishermen were invited to the workshop. In the workshop, the fishermen were given awareness on mobile app usage. The workshop mainly focused on giving awareness on FFMA (Fisher Friendly Mobile App), which can be used for better fishing and also to know about weather conditions before going out fishing. The unique advantage of the FFMA app is that it gives fishing information in local language. Also, awareness on use of sensors was demonstrated to the fishermen using the aid of educational charts. The college students played key role and worked as volunteers in organizing the workshop successfully. Fishermen’s village president also attended, who got very much impressed and taken interest to spread about the mobile app usage for better fishing to all his villagers.

Total No. of fishermen benefitted from the workshop: 60

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