[NEWSLETTER] March 2017 Issue

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Region 10 – Director’s Message

Region 10 – Newsletter Editor’s Message

Region 10 Meetings in 2017

Region 10 Executive Committee Meeting, 21 January 2017, Hong Kong Region 10 Annual General Meeting 2017 January 4-5, 2017, Chiba, Japan

Student Activities

  • IEEE R10 Student Activities Team: Overview
  • Cross Country Visit, IEEE USM SB, Malaysia
  • University App Challenge (UAC)
  • 2nd Bangladesh Olympiad
  • IEEE Dhaka University SB
  • Seminar on Electrical Industry Process Safety
  • IEEE HITEC University SB
  • IEEE SB of University of Peradeniya
  • Igniting Hope, ‘Umang!’
  • Orientation and Recruitment Drive
  • MAT-UINO Workshop
  • A synopsis of the events of IEEE – NUCES SB
  • Guest Lectures and Industrial Visit
  • Workshop on Research and LaTeX
  • Snapshots of Activities
  • Peradeniya Go Ahead with IEEE MTT-S Student Chapter
  • Techloop+ – A New Learning Model by IEEE-VIT SB
  • IEEE BDS News : Effective teaching methods for VLSI circuit design courses

Young Professional Activities

  • IEEE Region 10 Young Professionals Plan, 2017
  • “TrailBlazers” from IEEE Young Professionals Sri Lanka

Women in Engineering Activities

  • Series of Workshop by IEEE WIE Affinity Group UET Taxila
  • Career Planning towards Success for Female Engineering
  • IEEE WIE International Leadership Summit 2017, Sri Lanka

Individual Benefits & Services (IBS) Committee

Humanitarian Activities

  • IEEE SIGHT Communities of Practice Incubation Meeting in Bangladesh
  • Illuminating Hearts: and Electrification Project

Professional and Chapter Activities IEEE R10 Newsletter – March 2017

  • EDS-ETC Events Conducted by IEEE EDS Malaysia
  • IEEE EMBS, BDS Awareness Session on Biomedical Research

Membership Development Activities 20

  • Call for Section MD Plans for the 2017 R10 Membership Development Grants


  • 2016 Hiroshima Section Contribution Award
  • Awards for activities at the Kansai Section

Announcements 22

  • 11th International Conference on Sensing Technology (ICST-2017), Sydney, Australia 22
  • IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI), Melbourne, Australia 22
  • Student and Young Professionals Congress ANZCON 2017

Section and Council News

  • IEEE Sri Lanka Section SYW Congress 2016
  • IEEE Bangladesh Section miniPOCO Forum 2017
  • IEEE Bombay Section Symposium (IBSS-2016)
  • Recent topics of Shikoku section
  • The 1st IEEE-HKN Chapter in Australia
  • IEEE Sendai Section- Learning from the experience
  • IEEE Kochi Subsection : Excellentia v1.0 and Job fair 2017
  • IEEE Malaysia Section Activities in First Quarter of 2017
  • IEEE Islamabad Section Congress
  • IEEE Japan Sections’ 60th Anniversary Celebration
  • Japan SYWL Workshop : “Next Generation of IEEE – Invent the Future -”


  • iCATccT 2016
  • SPIN 2017
  • 7th CONFLUENCE-2017

Interesting Reading

  • IT in January – March 2017 Highlights in general
  • When India’s Craze for Centuries Goes Beyond Cricket
  • Engineering Team Develops Nanofiber Solution for Clean, Fresh Air
  • Kinetic Energy Harvesting Lighting the Way for Urban Planning


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