[NEWSLETTER] Special Supplement 2016 Issue

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IEEE R10 Newsletter Special Supplement 2016 Issue


Foreword Messages

  • Barry L. Shoop, IEEE President 2016
  • Karen Bartleson, IEEE President-Elect 2016
  • Lawrence Wong, Vice President, Member and Geographic Activities
  • Ramakrishna Kappagantu, R10 Director/Delegate 2015-16

50 Golden Years of IEEE Region 10

Region 10 SYWL 2016 and WIE Global Summit

R10 Student Activities

  • Message from R10 SAC Chair Dr. Rajesh Ingle Activities of R10 SAC
  • Larry K. Wilson Award Winners Speak Revamping Student Branches in Region 10

R10 Young Professionals

  • Message from R10 Young Professionals Coordinator Nivas Ravichandran
  • Young Professionals Track of R10 SYWL Congress 2016
  • Early Achievements of R10 GOLD
  • Transition from GOLD to Young Professionals

IEEE WIE Global Summit – Embracing Engineering and Technology, Breaking Barriers

R10 Women In Engineering

  • Message from R10 WIE Coordinator Dr. Celia Shahnaz
  • Message from IEEE President-Elect 2016 Karen Bartleson
  • Dawn and Rise of R10 WIE: An Inspiring Story


  • Ramalatha Marimthu, Chair, IEEE WIE Special Events Committee
  • Takako Hashimoto, Chair, IEEE WIE (2015-16)
  • Laura Edelson, Chair, IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee
  • Jyotji Ramaswami, Chair of First WIE AG in R10 – Kerala Section, 2002
  • Er. Seenu Crispin, Chair of First WIE SB AG in R10 – Chengannur College of Engineering, IEEE Kerala Section, 2003
  • Record of R10 WIE Award Winners

R10 Life Members

  • Message from R10 Life Member Coordinator V. K. Damodaran
  • Activities of Life Members A nity Groups Kerala Section – Shastra Vismaya & Bottom of
  • Japan – Life Members Activities – Tokyo and Kansai Sections’ LM A nity Groups
  • Bombay Section

Host for R10 SYWL Congress 2016

  • IEEE Bangalore Section
  • IEEE Bangladesh Section IEEE Delhi Section
  • IEEE Hyderabad Section IEEE Pune Section
  • IEEE Uttar Pradesh Section

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