Malaysia section hosts the annual appreciation award night

In conjunction with the 25th Annual General Meeting, IEEE Malaysia Section organized the IEEE Malaysia Section Annual Appreciation and Award Night on the 17th January 2015 at Palm Garden Hotel, IOI Resort, Putrajaya, Malaysia. Special awards were given to the most active chapters and student branches for the year 2014, outstanding volunteer/YP/WIE and the bonus cheques to the eligible chapters.

Best Performing Chapter Award:

  • Best  Performing Chapter 2014: Joint Communications (COM16) & Vehicular Technology Society (VT006) and Signal Processing Society (SP001)
  • 3rdBest  Performing Chapter 2014: Circuits and Systems Society (CAS04)

Best Volunteer Award:

  • Best  Volunteer 2014 : Chong Yu Zheng (90352501)
  • 2ndBest Volunteer 2014 : Adib Habbal (90703036)
  • 3rdBest  Volunteer 2014 : Yeoh Hong Boon (92485164)

Outstanding Student Branch Award

Large Branch Category (>50 members)

  • Outstanding Student Branch 2014: IEEE Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia SB
  • 2ndOutstanding Student Branch 2014: IEEE  Curtin University of Technology Sarawak SB & IEEE Universiti  Sains Malaysia SB
  • 3rd Outstanding Student Branch 2014: IEEE Universiti Utara Malaysia SB & IEEE Universiti Putra Malaysia SB

Small Branch Category (<50 members)

  • Outstanding Student Branch 2014: IEEE Universiti Tenaga Nasional Student Branch

Joint winners of best chapter award

  • Signal Processing Chapter b)
  • Joint CommSoc & VTS Chapter


Reported by:  Fawnizu Azmadi Hussin, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Communication & Promotion, IEEE Malaysia Section

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