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Awards & Recognition

Region 10 Awards & Recognition Committee (ARC)


IEEE Region 10 (R10) has established Awards and Recognitions Committee (ARC) through its Bylaws to promote awards and recognitions activity in R10.    The purpose of R10 ARC is to assist R10 in recognizing and promoting excellence in all facets of the professional lives of its members, and to coordinate various awards and recognition programs within R10.   As part of its overall activity, R10 ARC

  • Represents R10 in the MGA Awards & Recognition Committee ( R10 ARC Chair is a corresponding member of this committee)
  • Conducts the  R10 Awards and Recognition Programs, and selects recipients for
    •  R10  Outstanding Large / Medium / Small Section Awards
    •  R10  Outstanding Volunteer Awards
    •  R10  Outstanding Industry-Academia Collaboration Award

(Affinity Group and Activity Committee awards recipients are selected by committees appointed by the Coordinators of respective R10 Affinity Group or Activity Committee; and nominee of R10 ARC Chair is a member of these committees)

  • Promotes  nominations from R10 for the IEEE Medals and Technical Field Awards, and awards administered by various Boards of the IEEE

2016 Region 10 ARC Members


V. Prasad Kodali, Chair

IEEE R10 Awards & Recognition Committee

Members –  Zia Ahmed, Janina Mazierska, Byung-Gook Park,  Mehvish Zahoor

Ex-officio members – Supavadee Aramvith, VK Damodaran, Rajnish Gupta, Rajesh Ingle, Pamela Kumar, Nivas Ravichandran, Celia Shahnaz

Award Number Award Instrument
R10  Outstanding Large Section Award One/year Plaque & US$ 1000
R10  Outstanding Medium Section Award One/year Plaque & US$ 1000
R10  Outstanding Small Section Award One/year Plaque & US$ 1000
R10  Outstanding Volunteer Award up to 3/year Certificate
 R10  WIE Affinity Group  Award One/year  Plaque
 R10  WIE Student Branch AG Award  One/year  Plaque
 R10  WIE Outstanding Professional Volunteer  One/year  Certificate
R10  WIE Outstanding Student Volunteer One/year Certificate
R10  YP Affinity Group Award One/year Plaque
R10  YP Outstanding Volunteer One/year Certificate
R10  HTA Outstanding Volunteer One/year Certificate
R10  HTA Section Award One/year Plaque
R10  SA Student Branch Award One/year Plaque
R10  SA Outstanding Student Volunteer One/year Certificate
R10  SA Outstanding  Volunteer One/year Certificate
R10  LM Affinity Group Award One/year Plaque
R10   LM Outstanding Volunteer One/year Certificate
R10  EA Section/ AG Award One/year Plaque
R10  EA Outstanding Volunteer One/year Certificate
R10 Outstanding Section for Industry Relations One/year Plaque
R10 IR Outstanding Volunteer One/year Certificate
R10 Outstanding Academia – Industry Collaboration Program One/year Plaques (2 nos) and Cash support

Nomination forms

  1. R10 Outstanding Volunteer Award
  2. R10 Outstanding Section Award
  3. R10 Outstanding Academia – Industry Collaboration Program

(Note:   WIE, YP, HTA, SA, LM, EA and IR awards are administered by the respective  Group/Activity Coordinators.  Information on these awards, including Nomination Forms are available on the respective websites)

Hall of Fame

Outstanding Section Awards.

Recipients of the R10 Outstanding Large Section (1501 or more members, inc. Students),   Medium Section (501 – 1500 members, inc. Students), and Small Section (500 or less members, inc. Students) awards are selected based on the following aspects and activities in the previous calendar year:

  • Evidence of retention of members and membership growth
  • Promotion and support of YP, WIE and LM Affinity Groups, HT activities and Student Branches, and other IEEE Organizational Units
  • Promotion and support of Sub-Sections in the case of Large Section
  • Efforts and steps for becoming a Large Section (in case of Medium Section), and a Medium Section (in case of Small Section)
  • Member engagement –  technical and educational programs, conferences
  • Contact with Section members including the number of newsletter issues, e-mail and other social media contacts, regular updates of Section, Chapters and Student Branches web pages
  • Community projects / service that project positive visibility of the IEEE

Prior to 2016, these awards were known as ‘Distinguished Section Awards’.   In the early years, only one award, called ‘Distinguished Section Award’ was given.  After 2003, this single award was replaced by two awards – ‘Distinguished Large Section Award’, and ‘Distinguished Small Section Award’.  From 2013 onwards, a new award ‘Distinguished Medium Section’ award was introduced.   Past recipients of these awards are listed below.

Region 10 Distinguished Large Section Award

2014 Kerala Section
2013 Bangalore Section
2012 Hong Kong Section
2011 Hyderabad Section
2010 Madras Section
2009 Kerala Section
2008 Taipei Section
2007 Bombay Section
2006 Malaysia Section
2005 Singapore Section
2004 Kerala Section
2003 New South Wales Section

Region 10 Distinguished Medium Section Award

2014 Lahore Section
2013 Pune Section

Region 10 Distinguished Small Section Award

2014 New Zealand Central Section
2013 Northern Australia Section
2012 Kharagpur Section
2011 Hiroshima Section
2010 Islamabad Section
2009 Wuhan Section
2008 Kharagpur Section
2007 South Australia Section
2006 Shikoku Section
2005 Islamabad Section
2004 Gujarat Section
2003 South Australia Section

Region 10 Distinguished Section Award

(Replaced by Distinguish Large and Small Section Award in 2003)

2002 Bombay Section
2001 Bangalore Section
2000 Malaysia Section
1999 Delhi Section
1998 Bombay Section

Region 10 Outstanding Volunteer Award

Outstanding Volunteer awards recipients are selected on the basis of:

  • Length of service to the Section (or Affinity Group / Activity in case of the AG / Activity volunteer awards)
  • New ideas, developments or projects which have significantly benefited the organizational unit (Section / AG / Activity)
  • Demonstrated administrative abilities
  • Demonstrated leadership skills
  • Support for the work of other volunteers in the Section, AG at al
  • Furthering the work and promoting the objectives of the IEEE and of Region 10 in general, and of the Section in particular at Section, Chapter or Student Branch level;  or in Affinity Group; or in other IEEE activity

Region 10 Outstanding Volunteer Award  –  past recipients


  1. Akinori Nishihara, Tokyo Section
  2. Cornelis Jan (Keith) Kikkert, South Australia Section
  3. Jianguo Huang, Xian Section
  4. Lakshminarayana Merugu, Hyderabad Section
  5. Lance Fung, Western Australia Section
  6. Murray Milner, New Zealand Central Section
  7. Nirbhay Chaubey, Gujarat Section
  8. Stefan Mozar, New South Wales Section
  9. Wu Qun, Harbin Section


  1. Ashok D Jagatia, Bombay Section
  2. Nirmal-Kumar C. Nair, New Zealand North Section
  3. Graeme B Gwilliam, New South Wales


  1. Peter Howard Over, New Zealand North Section
  2. Ohno Eiichi, Tokyo Section
  3. Sanjib Kumar Panda, Singapore Section
  4. Arup Dasgupta, Gujarat Section
  5. Sasi P M, Kerala Section


  1. MGPL Narayana , Hyderabad Section
  2. Trevor S Bird, New South Wales Section
  3. Kohei Habara, Tokyo Section


  1. Nimmagadda S Prasad, Hyderabad Section
  2. Michael E. Evans, South Australia Section
  3. Ramutis Zakarevicius, New South Wales Section
  4. Tan Cher Ming, Singapore Section
  5. Muhammad Akbar, Islamabad Section


  1. Satish Chaparala,Hyderabad Section
  2. K.Ramakrishna, Bangalore Section
  3. Anil K. Roy, Gujarat Section
  4. John L. Robinson, New South Wales Section


  1. Ruey-Beei Wu, Taipei Section
  2. Arun Agarwal, Hyderabad Section
  3. Walter Lachs, New South Wales Section


  1. Deepak Mathur, Gujarat Section
  2. Rajagopalan Kannan, Hyderabad Section
  3. Hideyuki Sawada, Shikoku Section


  1. Enn Vinnal, Victorian Section
  2. R.K.Asthana, Delhi Section
  3. Tapan K. Saha, Queensland Section


  1. Mayank M Pande, Gujarat Section
  2. King-Jet Tseng, Singapore Section
  3. Ekachai Leelarasmee, Thailand Section


  1. Anthony Lobo, Bombay Section
  2. Muhammad Mubashir Hussain, Islamabad Section
  3. Raj Kurmar Vir, Delhi Section
  4. Satheesh Kumar, Kerala Section


  1. Mini S. Thomas, Delhi Section
  2. Kyun H. Tchah, Seoul Section
  3. D. M. Tagare, Bombay Section
  4. S. Raghunathan, Hyderabad Section


  1. Norman Bin Mariun, Malaysia Section
  2. Robert E. Bogner, South Australia Section


  1. K Rajgopal, Banglore Section
  2. S C Bhargave, Hyderabad Section
  3. N T Nair, Kerala Section
  4. B Poon, NSW Section


  1. H Kalyanasundaram, Bombay Section
  2. Kondapi Viswanath, Hyderabad Section
  3. Andrew Parfitt, NSW Section
  4. Dalma Novak, Victorian Section


  1. Fashi Ahmed Masood, Karachi Section


  1. R. G. Gupta, Delhi Section


  1. Demetrios N Logothetis, NSW Section
  2. Kalavendi J Sarma, Hyderabad Section
  3. S Gopakumar, Kerala Section
  4. Seung Hong Hong, Seoul Section
  5. Harry McDonald, Western Australia Section


  1. Yung Kwon Kim, Seoul Section


  1. N. Vyaghreswara Rao, Hyderabad Section


  1. Anthony E. Gascoigne , Victoria Section

R10 Humanitarian Technology Activities Awards

IEEE R10 Outstanding Individual Award for HTA

2015 Dr Lee Yoot Khuan (Malaysia Section)

IEEE R10 Outstanding Section Award for HTA

2015 None

IEEE R10 WIE Activities Awards

IEEE R10 WIE Student/Professional Volunteer Award

2015 Professional : Ms. Maryam Saeed (Islamabad Section) and Ms. Sania Arshad (Lahore Section) as joint winners.

Student: Ms. Hibi Ovais Latifee (Karachi Section)

IEEE R10 WIE Section/Student Branch Affinity Group of the Year

2015 Section: WIE AG Lahore Section

Student Branch: WIE IEEE UVCE, Bangalore Section

IEEE R10 Best Young Professionals Volunteer Award

2015 Academician: Nandakumar (Kerala Section)

Industry Practitioner:S Paul (Kerala Section)

Entrepreneur: None

IEEE R10 Best Young Professionals Affinity Group

2015 Bangalore and Kerala Section