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All Ieee Younger Engineers Humanitarian (AIYEHUM) Challenge 2016

Dear IEEE R10 Section Chairs,

It is with great pleasure that we invite you and your members to participate in the IEEE R10 Flagship competition, All IEEE Young Engineers’ Humanitarian Challenge (AIYEHUM) 2016.

AIYEHUM is a project-contest to encourage young engineers to solve real-world challenges applying science and technology. The contest aims at orienting young minds towards identifying community problems and developing technology solutions which are cost effective and sustainable.

Project Proposal

We are inviting project proposals from science/engineering professionals and students who are 35 years or below in 2016. The projects should benefit an under-served population or solve a community problem, applying science and technology.

The project proposal template and detailed information can be found at the AIYEHUM Website:

The deadline for submission of project proposal is 15th March 2016.

Mentors/Jury Members

We are also inviting applications from people who would like to be a mentor and/or member of jury for AIYEHUM 2016. A mentor/member of Jury must be a senior member of academics, industry, NGO, etc. who has a good working experience.

An eminent Jury would shortlist the project proposals based on a certain criteria and such projects will be awarded grants to support the development and implementation of the projects. A mentor will be allocated to a short-listed project team and she/he will guide the team to complete the project in a professional manner.

The deadline for application to Mentor/Jury member is 1st March 2016.

For more details, submission of project proposal and applications to mentor and member of jury, please visit the AIYEHUM 2016 website by clicking the following link.

May we request you to kindly circulate this information to the members of your section and universities and polytechnics in your region? We have also attached the AIYEHUM brochure for your reference.

Thank you

Best wishes

Rajnish Gupta, PhD.

(On behalf of AIYEHUM Team)