IEEE Region 10

Asia Pacific Region


Volunteer invite for 2016


Dear IEEE R10 members,

Warm greetings to all fellow IEEE members from R10! I take this opportunity to extend to all members a happy New Year 2016 as we draw to close of a fabulous and eventful 2015. At Region 10, we have been able to make significant strides in developing member benefits, delivery of some promises and striving with your support to reach rest of the goals for 2015 but for the heart wrenching nature’s disaster that struck Nepal.

To name a few of R10’s activities in 2015, we have

  • First time, R10 got funding of 70K USD approved, as agenda point to the IEEE Board, to help the Nepal Earth quake victims by offering IEEE smart Villages and GLOFWS.
  • 2015 MGA outstanding Section Awards announced wherein R10 Kerala Section is Large Section recipient.
  • Venue for the 2017 Sections Congress has been finalized as ICC, Sydney in R10.
  • MGA approved changes to R10 Bylaws, formation of Rajasthan Subsection of the Delhi Section and Fiji Subsection in R10.
  • Region 10 truly represents a complete gamut of IEEE members from students, professionals to IEEE Fellows. This year, the focus has been to engage more of industry in all our IEEE events to enable our student members, professional members in their development. We have been successful in driving industry connects thru webinars, SmartTech (Metro Area Workshops) which has drawn positive response and an encouraging support.
  • To make better learnings of organizing quality technical and conference events, our CTS team organized many mini POCOs besides successfully completing R10 flagship events.
  • R10 Website is now totally revamped and became nodal point for latest information of all R10 committee, section and student activities besides housing   important documentation. R10 News Letter is a significant example of R10 efforts.
  • Our flagship student social innovation series AIYeHum (All IEEER10 Young Engineers Humanitarian Challenge) has reached another milestone. This year we received numerous entries with the support received for technical collaboration of Regions 6,7,8 and 9 for wider participation of proposals, Jury & Mentors. It’s encouraging to see the innovative ideas and I am overwhelmed that we as IEEE have been able to provide right mentorship to these students to shape up their skills and make their dream come true in the social sphere by taking technology to the needy. Projects like Hemoglobin Sensor Using Tapered Optical Fiber to blind e-book reader are testimonials of the skills the student members have. It’s an onus on IEEE members to help these young lads to flourish and I take this stage to call support of all to mentor and encourage the student members while we make truly global by encompassing all the rest 9 Regions also with AIYeHum 2016 version.
  • To bring in operational efficiency, R10 is introducing some procedures for streamlining the systems of Region 10 geo-units like petition approval process for section, subsection, society chapter, student branch, YP or WIE or LM AGs formation, re-activation of any inactive entities, better engagement of volunteer Leaders of geo units by R10 ExCom, etc.; I look forward for your continued support on this front that would enable us to be more efficient in operation.
  • Lots of HQ information is being shared at Regional level to capture members’ valuable feedback viz.

1)   IEEE 2030 AdHoc Committee recommendations are found at the weblinks of IEEE website for your info and inputs, if any

2)   MGA AdHoc on Globalisation Opportunities to organize survey at Regional level for better socialization of Staff-Volunteer activities.

3)   MGA AdHoc on implementation of TCS changes is working vigorously through socialization and other efforts.

4)   Collabratec to penetrate more in R10 and seeks active involvement, support and suggestions for larger engagement of members.

It’s yet another milestone for Region 10 as we complete golden jubilee of R10 initiation in 2016. We had called for sections to host events and R10 would also be holding yearlong events across R10 to commemorate its golden jubilee celebrations from 24th August 2016. I request all to actively take part in these celebrations and contribute extensively to your section or chapter growth.

To strengthen my 2016 Excom, I may shuffle my 2015 team and need few more committed and dedicated volunteer leaders, who can spare some of their valuable personal time and space, to take up the responsibilities listed in the link provided below as leads or team members, synchronise with my plans and provide impeccable support to achieve the results in the given very little time span.

I wish to convey to all volunteers (Member Grade & above only) that if you like to join my journey, do check the possibilities / positions in the following link and apply. Please remember that I have very few positions and less time to deliver. This link can be found in IEEE Region10 web site also.

Please complete this process by 27th of October 2015. Shortlisted members will be contacted within one week after that. Dates are not extendable as time is too short and request to co-operate.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.


With Warm Regards,

Ramakrishna Kappagantu
IEEE R10 Director (2015-16)