IEEE Region 10

Asia Pacific Region


50th Anniversary of IEEE Region 10


On 24 August 1966 the IEEE Board of Directors approved the formation of IEEE Region Ten or R10, also known as Asia-Pacific Region, which led to the formation of R10 on 1st January 1967. To mark the 50th Anniversary of Region 10, Ramakrishna Kappagantu, R10 Director has approved the 50th Anniversary Celebrations from 24th August 2016 for one year across the whole region.

Come and Join Us in Planning the Celebration Activities!As part of the planning IEEE members in R10 are welcomed to suggest interesting and worthwhile activities for the celebration program. You can help to create an interesting program via a suggestions form here. Through the form you can submit:

1. Suggestions for an attention grabbing tagline promoting the value of IEEE in the region

2. Suggestion for a celebration theme and key goals

3. Ideas for possible celebration activities and special events across the Region in line with the theme

4. Help us in the collection of historical records and photographs for documentation of Region 10 history

Design a logo for the 50 Years Celebration of R10 and get a chance to win a cash prize. We need a 50 Years Celebration Logo representing professional commitment, aspirations and cultural diversity of IEEE members in the Asia Pacific region. For more information, please click here for Logo Competition Rules, Guidelines and Prizes. The entry form can be download from here.